Ahoy, boat captain wanted!

yacht-delivery2Some customers recently wanted to know how a yacht delivery captain finds work. Much is through word-of-mouth, and this website, but some is from the boat captain wanted ads. So, what do I look out for in an ad for boat captain wanted ad? The boat captain wanted ads on the internet often lack detail, so I look for detailed boat captain wanted ads.

When you are looking for a skipper, the boat captain wanted ad needs to clearly state basic details like dates and locations, but also detailed boat and the crew information. For example, list in your boat captain wanted ad, whether the vessel is owned by a large organisation or a sole owner. A boat captain wants to know what sort of support he will have, so experience and number of crew can make a difference. Include information about the work environment in the boat captain wanted ad too.

To lure a quality captain, the boat captain wanted ad should include remuneration. I have even noticed that some boat captain wanted ads include whether travel is included.

As a boat captain, I have a love of motor yachts, so I want to know the size, make and model of the boat and even the yacht’s name.

Don’t forget to list the mandatory qualifications you are looking for in your boat captain wanted ad.

Writing your boat captain wanted ad

Busy boat captains scan boat captain wanted ads so make it easy. Start by jotting down the basic information that will make up the boat captain wanted ad. The boat captain wanted ad should be well formatted – use headings and bullet points. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

Treat your search for the perfect boat captain like any other recruitment. Be professional – sell the position as desirable in your boat captain wanted ad.