Briefing your yacht delivery skipper

cornith cannal Being a yacht delivery skipper is a huge responsibility. A yacht delivery skipper takes charge of a client’s expensive asset and the safety of all onboard. A competent yacht delivery skipper analyses the delivery brief in order to plan the trip, so the brief you provide to your yacht delivery skipper is of critical importance.

A yacht delivery brief should include a written brief and also a meeting or teleconference with your yacht delivery skipper to ensure all details are clear. Depending on the yacht and the itinerary, you may also require a meeting with the crew present along with the yacht delivery skipper.

The following list will help you prepare a written brief for your yacht delivery skipper. This should provide sufficient information for your yacht delivery skipper to provide you with a quote.

Brief for a yacht delivery skipper

  • Boat details
    • Name
    • Year
    • Make
    • Length
    • Engine make and power
    • Fuel capacity
  • Port of registration
  • Departure port
  • Arrival port
  • Departure date
  • Desired arrival date
  • Crew details
  • Specific additional responsibilities
  • Travel requirements
  • Owners contact details