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    Ahoy, boat captain wanted!

    Some customers recently wanted to know how a yacht delivery captain finds work. Much is through word-of-mouth, and this website, but some is from the boat captain wanted ads. So, what do I look out for in an ad for boat captain wanted ad? The boat captain wanted ads on the internet often lack detail, […]

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    What to look for in a yacht delivery captain

    For most boat-owners, their boat is a favourite possession, often one with great sentimental value and of course monetary value. So choosing a yacht delivery captain can be a difficult decision.Ultimately, the decision of who you employ to deliver your yacht is your decision, but the following tips may assist you in choosing the yacht […]

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    Why use a yacht delivery service?

    Have you just purchased a motor yacht interstate or overseas? Are you selling your yacht and the buyer wants to take delivery elsewhere? Perhaps your charter yacht has finished the Caribbean season and the next booking is for the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you are chasing warmer weather? Benefits of a yacht delivery service There are […]

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    Captain, crew!…and management – who does what?

    Unsure of the different roles of the captain, crew and management? Here’s an overview… Management Yacht management hires the captain and crew on behalf of the boat owner. Management might also arrange maintenance when the motor yacht is in port and arrange delivery and moorings year-round. Captain When the yacht is enroute, the captain has […]

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    Top 10 things to consider when planning your motor yacht delivery

    Motor yacht delivery can seem like a daunting task. Moving such a large, valuable asset from one side of the ocean to another needs specialised skill and careful planning. When you are planning your motor yacht delivery there are a number of considerations. This checklist will help you plan your motor yacht delivery: Motor yacht […]

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    What to expect of delivery captains

    Have you often wondered what to expect of a professional delivery captain? What do delivery captains actually do? And what characteristics do you look for in a skipper? The following checklist provides some insight into what to expect of delivery captains in terms of what they do and what traits you might expect of them. […]

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    The impact of weather on power boat delivery

    The weather is the greatest challenge of the sea and a professional delivery captain understands and respects weather. When on a power boat delivery, I use my own tools including subscription weather services, marine websites as well as the vessel’s onboard instruments. Coupled with my own experience of all the major seas, I use historical […]

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    A day in the life of a delivery captain

    My work is my passion. I captain motor yachts including luxury superyachts. I often get asked whether being the captain of  luxury motor yachts is really as glamorous as it sounds. And my answer is always “yes” and “no”. Yes, being a superyacht captain can be a glamorous life style as you see the world […]

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    Briefing your yacht delivery skipper

    Being a yacht delivery skipper is a huge responsibility. A yacht delivery skipper takes charge of a client’s expensive asset and the safety of all onboard. A competent yacht delivery skipper analyses the delivery brief in order to plan the trip, so the brief you provide to your yacht delivery skipper is of critical importance. […]

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    Finding captains for hire

    Finding captains for hire can be like looking for a drop in the ocean. There are captains for hire out there, but they can be hard to attract to your boat, particularly if you want short-term captains for hire for delivery or relief work. Searching for captains for hire Even with the power of the […]

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    How to hire the perfect relief captain

    How many times have you heard boat owners brag that they have the most reliable captain on their vessel. Even with the best full-time skipper, there are times of sickness and leave when you need the services of a relief captain. In fact there are many reasons to hire a relief captain. It is certainly […]