What to expect of delivery captains

new_Cannal entry Have you often wondered what to expect of a professional delivery captain? What do delivery captains actually do? And what characteristics do you look for in a skipper? The following checklist provides some insight into what to expect of delivery captains in terms of what they do and what traits you might expect of them. This list might also be of use to you if you are thinking of becoming a professional skipper.

  • Delivery captains undertake all necessary inspections and checks before the delivery
  • Delivery captains should provide you with an itinerary and map of the expected delivery route.
  • Enroute, the delivery captain should update you to any changes to the intended route.
  • Delivery captains continually assess weather conditions through the delivery journey
  • Delivery captains should update you regularly throughout the delivery journey
  • Delivery captains have the responsibility for all staff and passengers on board including their safety and staff supervision.
  • Delivery captains take care of the finances onboard for the duration of the delivery.
  • Delivery captains are responsible for the general maintenance of the vessel during the delivery.
  • Delivery captains should complete all necessary documentation for the delivery.
  • Delivery captains should communicate with the boat’s owner or management company regularly throughout the journey.
  • Following the journey, delivery captains generally provide a report to the owner or manager.

Skills and traits of delivery captains

  • Delivery captains should first and foremost, have a passion for professional boating and ideally have a love of the ocean.
  • Delivery captains require relevant and current qualifications. Captain Stuart Carter holds a number of qualifications including Master Class 4-3000 gross tonne.
  • Delivery captains might be licensed to skipper a certain maximum sized vessel, however you should enquire as to their experience of skippering a vessel the size of your own.
  • Delivery captains should hold a current passport, and the flexibility to travel regularly etc.
  • Delivery captains should have a thorough understanding of weather, sea-crossings, channels, and customs and immigrations requirements.
  • Delivery captains should be good people managers and communicators.
  • Delivery captains should be professional, reliable and experienced.