Finding captains for hire

yacht-delivery Finding captains for hire can be like looking for a drop in the ocean. There are captains for hire out there, but they can be hard to attract to your boat, particularly if you want short-term captains for hire for delivery or relief work.

Searching for captains for hire

Even with the power of the internet, where do you start looking for captains for hire? You can look for captains for hire on boating blogs or forums, and many captains for hire have their own website. There are even dedicated websites listing captains for hire, but how do you quickly assess the best possible captain.

Oceanic Motor Yacht Deliveries can assist you with our delivery or relief captain services. Director of Oceanic Motor Yacht Deliveries, Captain Stuart Carter is reliable, professional and highly-qualified. If he is not personally available for your job, he is in direct contact with captains for hire and will provide a referral. There is nothing like word of mouth when you are looking for captains for hire. These personal contacts are captains that Captain Carter has worked with directly or knows well, so he can attest to their work ethic and provide a personal reference.

Recruiting captains for hire

Captains for hire have high expectations. Being a captain is not only a vocation, to many captains for hire, it is a passion, a hobby or a lifestyle. If you are placing a job ad or approaching captains for hire, you need to appeal to these attitudes. Remember to sell the job and the boat to prospective captains for hire. Management style, owner’s personality, culture onboard and working conditions are often nearly as important to captains for hire as the remuneration. These aspects of the job can mean the difference between hiring an ordinary captain or a highly-sought-after professional. For more information on recruiting captains for hire, see our article “Boat crew wanted”.

The importance of an on-going relationship

Even for short term jobs, maintaining a relationship with your past captains will help you with future hires. Having a black book of reliable captains will save you surfing the web for captains for hire in the future.

When you are next looking for captains for hire, ask Oceanic Motor Yacht Deliveries for a quote or a referral. Contact Captain Stuart Carter for more information about more about our captains for hire referrals.