The impact of weather on power boat delivery

new_Cannal The weather is the greatest challenge of the sea and a professional delivery captain understands and respects weather. When on a power boat delivery, I use my own tools including subscription weather services, marine websites as well as the vessel’s onboard instruments. Coupled with my own experience of all the major seas, I use historical data, wave and wind models, live weather streams and custom weather charts to help map out the safest and most efficient power boat delivery route for your vessel.

There are two primary impacts of weather on power boat delivery:

  1. Safety during the power boat delivery and
  2. Timeliness of the power boat delivery.

Safety during the power boat delivery

Safety is the most important aspect of being a marine captain. As captain, I am responsible for safety of all on board the power boat

during the delivery. I also have a duty of care for the safe delivery of the power boat itself. The vessel needs to be delivered in good working order, fully maintained and clean. Severe weather poses the greatest risk to the safety of the people onboard during a power boat delivery journey. So from the outset of a power boat delivery, I aim to ideally avoid it altogether. This is achieved by mapping out a route that suits the season and taking into account the long term forecasts.

Timeliness of the power boat delivery

Poor weather can also result in a later delivery of the power boat. During high seas, strong winds or storms, we need to dramatically reduce our speed, take safe harbour or re-route, putting the power boat delivery off-schedule.

The key to an on-time power boat delivery is planning. Pre-planning by the delivery captain can minimise the impact of weather on the delivery schedule.

When we strike inclement weather

Sometimes poor weather conditions are unavoidable when on a power boat delivery. Even the best planning can be over-ruled by mother nature. In this instance, every effort is made to contact the owner or manager of the power boat under delivery. I engage in conservative cruising strategies to minimse risk to people onboard and the power boat itself.

As a professional captain, weather challenges are something that I have experience in handling when on a power boat delivery. Understanding weather is my specialty.