What to look for in a yacht delivery captain

iStock_000006672513XSmall For most boat-owners, their boat is a favourite possession, often one with great sentimental value and of course monetary value. So choosing a yacht delivery captain can be a difficult decision.Ultimately, the decision of who you employ to deliver your yacht is your decision, but the following tips may assist you in choosing the yacht delivery captain best for you.

The role of a yacht delivery captain

Obviously it is important to understand the role of a yacht delivery captain when you are recruiting a yacht delivery captain. The yacht delivery captain has ultimate command of the vessel enroute to your destination port. Everything about the yacht is the yacht delivery captain’s responsibility including:

  • Prior to departure, the yacht delivery captain conducts a pre-delivery inspection and undertakes full preparation for the journey.
  • The yacht delivery captain maps out the route.
  • The yacht delivery captain monitors weather conditions, channels and many other factors of the trip.
  • The yacht delivery captain manages all staff on board, either directly (in a small crew) or through his management team on larger vessels.
  • The yacht delivery captain maintains the vessel’s certificates and completes all documentation to comply with customs and immigration laws.
  • The yacht delivery captain is responsible for cleanliness and seaworthiness of the vessel. He maintains the vessel enroute.
  • The yacht delivery captain is responsible for personal safety of everyone onboard.
  • The yacht delivery captain is responsible for the on-board finances during the delivery period.
  • At the end of the journey, the yacht delivery captain provides a comprehensive report.

Questions to ask prospective yacht delivery captains

Is your yacht delivery captain appropriately licensed for your vessel and for the route? Ask to see your captain’s license before entrusting them with your yacht. Captain Stuart Carter of Oceanic Motor Yacht Deliveries holds a master’s license to operate worldwide.

What experience does your yacht delivery captain have? What vessels have they commanded and what oceans etc have they crossed?

What testimonials and references are available from past clients? A good yacht delivery captain will be happy to provide phone references.

What is the availability of your yacht delivery captain? If they are not available, will they recommend a captain?

Desirable personal attributes of a yacht delivery captains

A yacht delivery captain should be:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Committed
  • Well-organised
  • Hand-on

Captain Stuart Carter of Oceanic Motor Yacht Deliveries is happy to discuss your needs when it comes to delivery or relief captaincy of your motor yacht.